Job Detail

182 days ago

  • 3.0-4.0 lac/ annum
  • 1 - 4 yrs
  • Number of post :
  • Job location : Aurangabad
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Job Description

1. Door To Door knocking and collecting information on the background of the customer - A. Visiting card with Name, Address , Mobile no and Email id B. No and Brand of Machines at the setup C. Last Purchase(s) ( Model and Year) D. Principals served( eg Bajaj Motors , Varroc , Endurance, Cromton greaves etc etc ) E. Capex Plans , if any , in the next 90 days . F. Coordinates of the Purchase, Maintenance , Operations/ Production team members of the organisation . G. Reference of any third party leads , from the sales calls. H. Requirement of any Automation/Robotics I. Reasons for preferring a particular competitive brand J. Details of the components being machined at the unit . K. Any pain points for which solutions are being sought by the client . 2. If , Existing customer of BFW, How satisfied is the client with the Product performance ,After Sales Service and overall quality of the product . Any major issues, if any , in the past to be highlighted . 3. Relationship status with BFW - Warm - Cold - Frustrating . If Relationship is Good - Any specific BFW team members he is close to and any instances the customer appreciates . 4. Any specific reason the customer has not bought BFW in the past ( List of reasons to be provided)

Job Role

1. experience on the service and sales of Capital Goods , Consumables , Cutting tools, even Financial Services like Electronica Finance etc 2. Minimum 8 customer visits /per day . More than 8 visits are incentivized 3. Hard working ( to work in Peak summers) , Motivated with High Energy levels for sustaining 8/day . 4. Resourceful ( should be able to get around with the information, one way or the other ) a Go-Getter 5. Hunger to get into BFW eventually 6. Having a Mobile and a two wheeler of his own . A laptop would be provided to him . 7. Having fair knowledge of Hindi and Marathi and working knowledge on Computers . 8. Disciplined to file weekly reports .